With this specific brand focus, Classic Coco specializes in providing the most coveted, and, highly curated collection of one-of-a-kind classic and rare archival Chanel vintage handbags and jewelry in the industry.

Owning a Chanel vintage accessory is owning a piece of Chanel history and its respected craftsmanship. Chanel vintage craftsmanship is like no other brand, including modern day Chanel.

All Chanel vintage accessories are handmade in France or Italy, and, are made with 24k gold plating. Conversely, new Chanel accessories are no longer handmade, and, no longer have gold plating. As a result, there is a very high-demand for vintage Chanel accessories, and, Classic Coco is the ultimate source of Chanel vintage accessories. In addition, most new Chanel styles cannot be worn cross-body, but the majority of the vintage Chanel handbags can be worn cross-body, which is an amazing functionality benefit for the girl on the go.